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Specializing in state-of-the-art control and display software for security, surveillance, and transportation applications.

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Cameleon Tactical
Advanced radar tracking software

Cameleon Version 4
Advanced camera control and display software

Cameleon ITS
Advanced ITS software

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At 360 Surveillance, we take security and surveillance seriously. We are proud to introduce Cameleon Version 4, the full-featured solution that allows you to view and control IP and analog video simultaneously through a single interface. Camera control is a snap thanks to drag-and-drop selection of cameras and mouse movement control. Make the most of Cameleon's powerful scripting language and configurable desktop to customize the system to your needs. Combine equipment from different manufacturers and link external access control and alarm systems to create an integrated security solution that works for you.

Tap the vast potential of intelligent transportation systems with Cameleon ITS, featuring all the video control functionality of Cameleon Version 4, plus built-in support for lane control systems and device drivers for dynamic message signs, detector stations, traffic control gates, signal heads, blank-out signs, and more. Center-to-center functionality allows you to share resources with other jurisdictions, while retaining full control over your own system. Take advantage of client-to-server, client-to-multiple server, and server-to-server architecture to scale up as needed. Tailor the power of commercial off-the-shelf software to your needs without investing in a custom solution.