Now a part of FLIR!-01/01/2014 -

360 Surveillance is now a part of FLIR Systems. Please refer to the link above for current information and news on the FLIR website.



University of Calgary Transportation Lab-May 2013 -

The University of Calgary has launched their new transportation lab, which will be used to study Active Traffic and Demand Management via a combination of video, detectors and other sensors. Cameleon ITS is a core piece of the lab, pulling in the various sensors and managing the video wall. The Schulich School of Engineerings webpage:



Cameleon V4 2012.5.1 Released-Oct 2012

Cameleon V4 2012.5.1 released along with a variety of drivers for new devices including radars, PTZ cameras, encoders, and more.



Full WYSIWYG support with NTCIP v2-May 2013 -

FLIR 360 Surveillance is pleased to announce the release of an updated Cameleon ITS product with support for NTCIP V2. Features include full previewing of messages (including font/graphics/color), and a modern user interface that handles all sign control via a new message center. This streamlines messaging as well as providing relevant and useful error and status messages.



New drivers: Exacq Vision EL-S-04/26/2011 -

360 Surveillance is pleased to announce support for the ExacqVision EL-S series of hybrid recorders. They support both analog cameras and H.264 in a mixed environment... Other updates to our supported list include the Endura IP110, and Generic XML driver.



New Drivers: Future Fibre Technologies and Nextiva 6.0-Mar. 2010 -

ICX 360 Surveillance is pleased to announce the addition of the FFT CAMS system to our support product list. As well, our existing Verint Nextiva driver now supports version 6.0.



City of Calgary Integration-Dec. 2009 -

Cameleon's ITS software has been installed and in use at the City of Calgary for over a year. The City uses a mix of approximately 50 analog Pelco cameras and Verint IP equipment over wireless links or fibre optic cables. Verint's Nextiva encoders are used in the field to encode video for transport over wireless back to the TMC. Cameleon is used to view video on local client workstation or on the LCD monitor wall. In addition, wireless modems are used to poll and send messages from Cameleon to portable signs from Ver-Mac, Daktronics and Addco. The portable signs contain GPS locators, which are used to position sign icons on maps in Cameleon. Cameleon web client is used to share sign positional information with other agencies and maintenance personnel.



Transcore Deploys Cameleon at HCTRA-Jan. 2008 -

360 Surveillance is pleased to announce the successful integration of the Harris County Toll Road Authority CCTV system ( TransCore (, as the overall System Integrator, installed and deployed the Cameleon Enterprise software to permit PTZ control and selection of over 150 cameras from the Texas DOT system by HCTRA operators. The Harris County Toll Road system covers approximately 103 miles of roadway in the Houston / Harris County area. There are a total of nine mainline plazas, seven of which are along the Sam Houston Tollway and two on the Hardy Toll Road.



Cameleon installed at City of Montgomery-Aug. 2007 -

Cameleon has been installed at the City of Montgomery, Alabama. The City has chosen Cameleon to allow their existing analog system to migrate forward to IP video, keeping their joysticks and monitors in place, while adding new IP clients, cameras and encoders.



Cameleon Tactical Released-Apr. 2007

360 Surveillance is pleased to announce the release of Cameleon Tactical. Cameleon Tactical serves to act as the cornerstone of a complete perimeter security and surveillance system. Cameleon Tactical features all of the video control and alarm management features of Cameleon Enterprise and adds support for cutting edge ICx radar and infrared camera technologies. A shortlist of Cameleon Tactical's powerful new features includes:

-Automated camera tracking in response to the movement of known and unknown objects
-Complete positional awareness: maps and devices aligned to GPS coordinates; GPS-enabled devices placed precisely on maps and automatically tracked by cameras
-A custom device driver for ICx STS Radars places unknown tracked objects at their precise location on maps and prompts cameras to follow their movement
-Full support of ICx DII infrared cameras



City of El Paso - Traffic Management Center-Mar. 2007 -

Cameleon is deployed in the City of El Paso's Traffic Management Center. The system features a control room, monitor wall integration and viewing of close to 200 fixed cameras throughout the city. Eight independent analog video switchers were integrated together to bring video back from remote sites to the TMC.



Integrated Baltimore Police Department Systems-Feb. 2007 -

360 Surveillance and NS Microwave successfully integrated the Baltimore Police Department's control room with equipment from more than 15 manufacturers. Over 400 devices including PTZ cameras, monitors, video wall controllers, switchers (audio, video and RGB), DVRs and VCRs were brought into our common control platform. In addition to providing access and control of this equipment from the main security control room, access was provided to users of the system using a standard web browser.



Cameleon installed at Panama Canal-Dec. 2005

Cameleon successfully installed at Panama Canal. System controls over 600 cameras and includes interfaces to Javelin and Pelco cameras, an analog matrix system and permits selection of analog or digitally routed cameras through the Cameleon client or CCTV keyboard interfaces.



Cameleon releases version 4.2.1-Jun. 2005

360 Surveillance is proud to release the latest version of the Cameleon software, version 4.2.1. This version includes many enhancements and updates including:

- New alarm manager layout including new view to list active alarms
- Ability to drag alarms from live or archive views of the session manager to custom windows
- Ability to step through cameras with F3/F4
- Major changes to logging permit archiving of system level logs. Can optionally enable or disable various logging
- Scripts stop when new script run or user clicks in windows
- Ability to share archive video between servers
- Client side tour editor



360 Adds More Pelco Drivers-Jun. 2005

360 Surveillance announces the release of the following drivers for Cameleon:

- Pelco Genex Driver
- Pelco P Protocol Driver
- Pelco VCR Driver



Cameleon Selected for Vancouver International Airport-Jun. 2005

360 Surveillance has completed the pilot phases of Vancouver International Airport's common-use CCTV pilot project. This project requires the integration of Loronix recorders, Smartsight encoders, a Cybermation switch, and PTZ cameras from various manufacturers.

The next phase includes migration of existing analog cameras to digital using digital video encoders. Cameleon permits the simultaneous use of both existing analog equipment and new digital video encoders.



Microsoft releases Windows 2003 SP1-03/31/2005 -

Microsoft has released a service pack for Windows 2003 Server. This includes an update to the MDAC components, to 2.82. This is not currently compatible with Cameleon software. Please do not upgrade to the lastest 2003 Service Pack without contacting 360 Surveillance first to comfirm compatibility.



360 Releases more DVR Drivers-Mar. 2005

360 Surveillance announces the release of the following DVR (Digital Video Recorder) drivers for Cameleon:

- Vicon Kollector/ViconNet
- Integral Technologies DVX
- American Dynamics Intellex

Please contact us for details.



Colorado DOT Procures Cameleon Statewide License-Feb. 2005

Colorado DOT has procured a statewide Cameleon license. This license allows Cameleon ITS to be deployed in transportation and public safety agencies throughout Colorado, which will lead to an unprecedented implementation of Cameleon's unique center-to-center capabilities.

It is anticipated that the Cameleon system will grow from the current 3 servers and 15 clients to approximately 15 servers and 50 clients within the next two years.



360 Releases Web Client Beta-Feb. 2005

360 Surveillance is releasing our new web client (beta) to interested customers. We invite any existing Version 4.x customers to contact us for further information.



360 Completes Object Video Driver-Feb. 2005

360 is pleased to announce completion of the Cameleon Object Video Driver. Object Video is regarded as a leader in video content analysis. The driver allows Cameleon to receive alarm feeds from Object Video and allows Cameleon users to view associated video stills associated with the exception as captured by the Object Video system.



Cameleon ITS Deployed in FDOT Orlando Region-Feb. 2005

360 Surveillance has successfully completed the initial deployment of Cameleon ITS for FDOT Region 5. The Cameleon software is controlling 55 NTCIP Vultron DMSs (serial and IP), 140 Model 170 detector stations (representing approximately 800 travelled lanes), and 95 PTZ cameras with MPEG-2 encoding.

The software publishes all inventory and real-time device status in XML format utilizing the NTCIP TMDD. Additionally, 3rd party applications can change DMS messaging using a secure Web Service, also adhering to the NTCIP standard.



Cameleon Secures Valdez Marine Terminal-Dec. 2004

Cameleon Enterprise has been installed to control existing GE/Kalatel CCTV equipment at the Valdez Marine Terminal. This installation allows the terminal to expand their system using IP technologies without having to replace their existing system.



360 Releases DVR Drivers-Nov. 2004

360 Surveillance announces the release of the following DVR (Digital Video Recorder) drivers for Cameleon:

- Nice Vision
- Loronix
- Pelco DX8000

Please contact us for more details.



Cameleon Selected for San Diego I-15 Reversible HOV System Software Upgrade-Nov. 2004

360 Surveillance, as a sub-vendor to PB Farradyne, will provide its Cameleon ITS solution to upgrade San Diego's existing I-15 Reversible HOV system.

Cameleon offers off-the-shelf capability to manage arbitrary lane configurations in state and sequence based control scenarious with interlock requirements. This will be the second installation of Cameleon ITS for controlling reversible HOV systems, the first being the Denver I-25/US-36 corridor, installed in 2002.



Cameleon Selected for Caltrans District 4-Nov. 2004

360 Surveillance, as a sub-vendor to PB Farradyne, has been selected to provide Cameleon to control and manage the Bay Area's 400 cameras. This multi-phase project will first see integration of the existing analog/ISDN based system, followed by migration to an all IP solution.



Colorado DOT Upgrades to Cameleon Version 4.0-Nov. 2004 -

Colorado DOT, one of 360's first clients, has upgraded to Cameleon Version 4.0.
The new version provides them with the following benefits:

- Center-to-center capability
- Improved operator user interface
- Improved camera locking capability to allow seemless sharing between users and ftp posting
- Simplified client deployment
- The ability to deploy IP based cameras



360 Completes Cameleon Installation at City of Phoenix-Nov. 2004

360 has completed the installation of Cameleon ITS as part of the Downtown Parking Management System project.

As part of this project, Cameleon controls Javelin and Ademco video equipment, LED Blank Out Signs, and NTCIP DMS signs in a coordinated manner to help the city police streamline parking management during events.

Cameleon ITS is also connected to other regional Cameleon servers as part of a region wide video sharing platform.



Cameleon Enterprise selected for SFGO-Nov. 2004 -

360 Surveillance's Cameleon Enterprise product has been selected as the video management software for San Francisco's traffic cameras and traffic management center.



360 Has Moved!-Oct. 2004

360 has finally settled in at our new location. The new location offers a more comfortable environment with more space, more parking, a new training area and test lab.



360 Completes Cameleon Installation at Arizona DOT-Sept. 2004

360 Surveillance has completed the Cameleon deployment as part of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Video Switch Replacement Project. This installation involves a server in ADOT, City of Phoenix, Maricopa County, and Scottsdale, all operating in a multi-server configuration.

This installation allows users in each jurisdiction to seemlessly view and/or control cameras in other jurisdictions, subject to user permissions and priority locking.

Each jurisdication is able to independently maintain configuration and administration of their infrastructure.

The system integrates equipment from the following manufacturers: ADEMCO, American Dynamics, Cohu, ImPath, Javelin, Panasonic, Pelco, and Vicon.



360 Releases NTCIP Camera Driver-Aug. 2004

360 Surveillance has released its NTCIP-compliant camera driver. This driver allows serial, IP, or modem-based communications to control NTCIP-compliant cameras.



Cameleon ITS Released-Feb. 2004

360 Surveillance is pleased to announce the release of Cameleon ITS, advanced software for intelligent transportation systems. Cameleon ITS features all the video control functionality of Cameleon Version 4, plus:

- DMS sign control
- Message levels, sign groups, message library, permitted/excluded words
- Configurable lane control for reversible HOV lanes, counterflow systems, parking management systems, and congestion warning systems
- Device drivers for detector stations, traffic control gates, signal heads, blank-out signs, and more
- Full support for NTCIP cameras and signs

Cameleon ITS allows you to tailor the power of commercial off-the-shelf software to your needs, without investing in a custom solution.



Cameleon Version 4 Released-Jan. 2004

360 Surveillance is proud to introduce Cameleon Version 4, advanced camera control and display software that allows you to:

- Combine IP and analog video in one interface
- Share video between facilities with client-to-multiple server and server-to-server architecture
- Control live and archived video, view site maps, connect to and control remote PCs, and browse the Internet via Cameleon's multi-purpose custom windows