Cameleon ITS

Advanced transportation management software supporting hybrid IP/analog video in a server-to-server environment



DMS Sign Control

Control DMS signs from different manufacturers through a single interface. Cameleon ITS advanced sign control includes message levels, message libraries, message broadcasting to multiple signs, permitted/excluded word lists, sign groups, and an XML interface to external systems.

ITS Device Drivers

Device drivers are available for detector stations, traffic control gates, signal heads, blank-out signs and more.

Lane Control Systems

Cameleon ITS provides built-in support for lane control systems such as reversible HOV lanes, counterflow systems, parking management systems, and congestion warning systems.

NTCIP Support

Cameleon ITS supports NTCIP control of cameras and signs.

Center-to-Center Functionality

Share resources with other jurisdictions; maintain complete control over your system.

Hybrid IP/Analog Video

View and control IP and analog video simultaneously through a single interface. Cameleon ITS's state-of-the-art canvas technology allows you migrate gradually from your existing analog video system into the era of IP video, without losing your investment.

Custom Windows

Cameleon ITS's multi-purpose custom windows allow you to view live and archived video, load site maps, connect to and control remote PCs, or connect to the Internet via an integral browser window.

Fluid PTZ Control

Cameleon ITS's custom windows are live control pads. View video by dragging the camera icon to the custom window. Move the mouse over the window to pan and tilt the camera, or use the mouse wheel to zoom, focus, and adjust the iris.

Device Gadgets

Device gadgets are located in the custom window's tool bar to provide the operator with easy access to a device's advanced controls, camera presets, patterns and auxiliaries.

FTP Image Capture

Scriptable image capture allows you to capture live video and automatically upload the images to a Web host. Capture images on demand, according to a schedule, or in response to an alarm.

External Display Control

Cameleon ITS provides operators with access to external monitors and monitor walls through simple drag-and-drop actions. Cameleon ITS also supports the virtual monitor wall, a large-format display that can display multiple video monitors.

Archived Video

Archive video on network video recorders or DVRs. Use the same common interface to retrieve archived video, no matter what type of device it was recorded on.

Off the Shelf

Tailor the power of commercial off-the-shelf software to your needs without investing in a custom solution.

Multi-Vendor Support

Combine equipment from different manufacturers. Use Cameleon ITS's intuitive interface to configure and control them all. Custom-developed device drivers allow you to seamlessly integrate legacy equipment with new equipment.


Scale up by adding servers and clients as needed. Cameleon ITS supports client-server, client-multiple server and server-to-server architecture, allowing you to share video with other users while protecting the sensitive parts of your system configuration.

Notebook Platforms

Set up your workstation as a complete mobile workstation. No special hardware is required to control ITS devices like dynamic message signs from any location that provides a network connection.

Configurable Desktop

Customize the appearance of client workstations with Cameleon workspaces. Specify which windows are displayed, and their size, position, and content on individual or multiple workstations. Multiple monitor configurations are fully supported.

Customizable Site Maps

Load site maps in any of several file formats and customize them with icons representing installed devices, alarms, and automated events. Create hyperlinks with controllable transparency to navigate to additional maps and named views. Or for small systems, use the device tree instead of a site map.

Operator Security

Ensure system security through operator passwords and access privileges. Granular permissions enable you to restrict an operator's access to each site map and device independently, as well as restricting access to a subset of a device's features.


Cameleon ITS's built-in arbitration system eliminates CCTV resource conflicts and allows operators to take exclusive control of specific devices.

Advanced Automation

Cameleon ITS's powerful scripting language allows you to automate common tasks and ensure the correct conditions exist before a particular action takes place. Design scripts to perform tasks in response to user control, conditions within the system, access or alarm input, or according to a schedule.